The Many Advantages of Working With Us

Excellence is the benchmark for everything we do. So we constantly challenge ourselves and each other to do our jobs better and improve our processes. We ask searching questions and we learn something new every day.

We are committed to acting in the long-term interests of its partners and clients. Environmental and social issues are a core component of its business, from investment analysis through to decision-making.

We are committed to socially responsible business practices and transparent engagement with the group’s multiple stakeholders, including employees, customers, investors and the general public. Our team strongly believes in the power of entrepreneurship to create opportunities, foster innovation, and make a positive economic impact.

Business culture

On one side, we are dynamic, creative and full of energy. On the other, we are precise, thinking about the long term, and quality driven. This productive tension is at the heart of our company. The range of influences that play their part in our culture often surprises people as they get to know us.

We are a young company, but with a heritage of experience of our managers. By capturing the best of many cultures, we have the potential to flourish as a business the world over. We blend the best of our tradition with innovation and new thinking.

People culture

As a highly regulated sector, we attract and retain high-calibre people who have thriving international careers.

From the early days of our business, we have built a people-oriented culture that encourages employees to pursue their personal ambitions in achieving our goal: to be the successful and respected company in all spheres and countries where we operate.

Our employees are encouraged to take their careers in different directions and become knowledgeable about the many aspects of our business. This helps our people to develop, and makes us a better company.


While fast-growing, we exercise a level of corporate integrity that goes beyond compliance with regulatory requirements, demonstrating a deeper commitment to ethical, transparent and accountable behaviour.

The result is a business with a reputation for rigorous standards of governance and ethics, business planning and control systems, responsible marketing, and employer policies and a modern, progressive working environment.

Above all, regardless of role or job title, we are guided by our principles – a set of ethical beliefs that apply to all of our activities and align us in the pursuit of our goal.

Osome’s Code of Conduct – the Company’s commitment to employees, business partners and the world about how we conduct business – is essential to achieving our business goals with integrity and in compliance with the law. It defines our responsibilities to each other as employees, to our Company, to our partners and to society. The Code covers aspects such as respect for human rights, protection of the environment, data privacy, fair competition, and our zero tolerance approach to bribery and corruption. We also expect our business partners to meet the same standards of conduct.

We are committed to achieving and maintaining the highest standards of ethical behavior. To do this, we regularly train our employees on what the Code means for them, and their role in helping the Company meet this objective.

We also provide our employees with confidential internal communication channels that they can use to report concerns about potential violations of our Code in confidence and without fear of retaliation.